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I started in commercial agency when I was 16, beginning in the West End, and moving over to the City Fringe in 2005.
I believe in providing a fresh and innovative service for our clients. I live and breathe what we do and I’m very passionate about it, whether helping clients create and develop new office space, or finding a major new tenant that completely changes the face of a street and adds new life to it.

Together with Colliers’ ‘best -in-class’ London Offices team I believe that we have one of the most powerful agency forces in Central London.


I have been an agent since the age of 16 and set up my own business at 27. Hatton Real Estate became the market leading agency in the popular district of the Eastern City Fringes of London. We sold the business to Colliers in 2016 in order to grow our business to the next level. This was a very proud achievement in my career but I am confident the impact we can have under the Colliers umbrella will be an even greater achievement. 


Brokerage: Landlord Representation, Capital Markets and Investment Sales, Workplace and Interior Design, Office


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