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Ekaterina Aridova

Chief Operating Officer

Волынский пер., д. 3
БЦ "Северная Столица"
Санкт-Петербург 191186


Тел.: +7 812 718 3618

Моб.: +7 921 942 7331


Ekaterina joined to the Colliers International in 2011 where she started her work on the position of HR&GA Director of Saint-Petersburg office. Ekaterina has over 15 years experience in HR sphere and before Colliers she collaborated with such huge companies as Ford Motor Company and Rosnano.

In October of 2012 Ekaterina was appointed on the position of the Regional HR&GA Director with the geography of responsibility area within Russian Federation.

In 2014 Ekaterina was promoted on the Chief Operation Officer position.  

Since Property Management department has been created in Colliers Saint-Petersburg in 2016 Ekaterina diversified her responsibilities by taking additional functions in PM area. 

In 2018 Ekaterina was appointed on the Executive Director position in Property Management Russia. At the moment she is responsible for:

  • Objects' team management
  • Client relationship management
  • Business process controll
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Performance review


Possessor of Russian HR Brand premium 2009 for the best project in HR sphere in 2008

Possessor of the title "The Employer of Choice" in 2010

The Property management Company of the Year in 2017


  • 2010  - 2013  Saint – Petersburg State-run University
    • Faculty of law
    • Jurisprudence
  • 1998-2003  Saint – Petersburg University of Cinema and Television
    • Telecommunication Faculty
    • Engineer of Audio and Visual technology
  • 2014 Leadership track, Romania
  • 2012 Producer and Leadership track, Holland, Amsterdam
  • 2012 HR as People Service source, Holland, Amsterdam
  • 2011 SHL Job analysis and Competency design
  • 2010 Public speaking track
  • 2008 Labor Legislation Course
  • 2007 SHL Occupational Testing Course
  • 2007 SHL Assessment and Development Centers Course
  • 2006 Effective communications course
  • 2006 Effective Management and Leadership course

59,93823020 30,32217490

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