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Martin Ponce de Leon

Gerente de Capital Markets & Investment Services

Av. San Borja Norte 793
San Borja, Lima
Lima 41

Office: (511) 2240804


Professional with extensive and solid experience in commercial management, development, investment, strategy and implementation in leading real estate companies and in real estate areas of companies in the supermarket, shopping center and banking industries. 



  •  Commercialization and negotiation of the contractual conditions of the new developments and the renewal of the contracts of the tenants' portfolio, reaching levels of constant income flows for rents up to S /. 17.4 MM per year, increasing revenues by 9.6% on the budget, reaching vacancy rates of 15%, attracting new businesses, new brands and new leases of non-traditional spaces.
  • Administration of the budget of S /. 68.2 MM of expenses in leases of stores, warehouses and corporate offices, achieving savings of 7%, reviewing the contractual conditions of each of the providers of real estate spaces.
  • Search, negotiation and development of new locations for Tottus and HiperBodegas Price One stores, finding properties in areas with potential market, good location, access and profitable in Lima and provinces.



  • Commercialization and negotiation of the contractual conditions of the new developments and the renewal of the portfolio contracts, reaching levels of constant income flows for incomes up to US $ 1.6 million per year, increasing rental income by 58%, reaching rates of 5% vacancy.
  • Obtaining sales levels of our tenants for US $ 105 MM per year, achieving an increase in unit sales of 60%, planning and executing Motor Show events, media plan and advertising actions on TV, radio, press, monumental announcements and Internet.
  • Planning and evaluation of the development of expansion projects for show rooms and complementary businesses with automotive technical services.
  • Obtaining a positive EBITDA level after years of losses.
  • Reduction of the delinquency rate in collections from 5% to 2% of the portfolio.



  •  Renegotiation of the contractual renewal conditions of the tenants of the portfolio of real estate assets valued at US $ 225 MM, reaching double sales, reaching levels of constant income flows for rents of US $ 27 million per year.
  • Commercialization of the real estate assets of the new projects and those available from the portfolio, strategically selecting potential tenants, negotiating and attracting renowned brands to consolidate a powerful commercial mix, reaching vacancy rates between 1% and 3%.
  •  Increase in future revenue potential by buying attractive real estate assets for the development of new projects and their evaluation. Obtaining better sale prices for assets that did not provide significant cash inflows from rental income.


Capital Markets and Investment Sales, Investment Properties, Asset Management, Financial Analysis, Lease Administration, Lease Advisory, Property and Project Finance, Industrial and Logistics, Office, Retail, Hotels



  • ESAN University. Diploma in Management and Development of Real Estate Projects.
  • EGADE Business School -Tecnológico de Monterrey. Mexico. MBA with specialization in Marketing.

  •   Lima University. Bachelor of Administration. Finance and Marketing.

-12.09322200 -76.99636100

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