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Maksim Golovko

Analyst | Head of Research

Lõõtsa 2a (Ülemiste City, Puusepa A-maja III k)
11415 Tallinn

Kontor: +372 6160 777

mobiilne: +372 56 951 250


Starting from undergraduate studies Maksim Golovko has an extensive experience in conduction of various sociological surveys, market analysis and writing of feasibility studies.


  • Market Analysis – compiling monthly, quarterly, annual and different sector’s market overviews (office, retail, industrial and hotel market reports);

  • real estate daily market research;

  • data gathering;

  • analysis of market trends and forecasts;

  • Feasibility studies.


Research Services


Public Administration at Tallinn University of Educational Sciences (equal to Master’s degree)

59,42195550 24,80212640

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