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Valuation of real estate portfolios as independent expert, valuation of single assets, market analysis, technical due diligence  on single assets and portfolios, feasibility studies.

Risultati raggiunti

Teacher at Luiss MAREF (Master Real Estate Finance) - Real Estate Valuation.

​Teacher at Camera di Commercio di Milano - Real Estate Valuation.

Spokesman at REBUILD 2013


Valuation and Advisory Services


Bayer, Banca d'Italia, Fabrica Immobiliare Sgr, Accademia Sgr, bnp Sgr


Surveyor diploma at E. Mattei high School, Rho (MI)

Training course for insurance surveyor (damages) at Lombardy Region, Milan

Training course “Swithboards of productive systems, valuations following accident” at  Munters, Milan

Specialization course in “Valuation and Feasibility of Real Estate Projects”, “Financial Planning of Real Estate Development Projects” and “Instruments and Techniques for the Financing of Real Estate Projects” at SDA Schoold of Management , Milan

Specialization course for Professional Real Estate Valuer organized by OSMI Borsa Immobiliare, Milan



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