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I am Managing Director of Colliers Asset Management AS, which manages international real estate investments on behalf of Norwegian corporate clients. We manage international real estate investment for corporate clients, ranging from Florida, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, to the Nordic region.

I have worked with finance and investments for more than 15 years and exclusively with real estate investments since 2007. I can therefore provide a knowledgeable servicing of the needs of our corporate clients.

I am also involved in project initiation, evaluation and execution.

I have been responsible for Asset Management services at Colliers International in Oslo, Norway, since January 2013.

Before joining Colliers, I co-founded a Norwegian boutique real estate securities firm where I served 5 years as chairman of the board and managing director of its advisory and securities brokerage subsidiaries, and provided advisory and management services to corporate real estate clients. This included cross-border investments in challenging jurisdictions such as Bulgaria, Croatia and Cape Verde.

I was a senior advisor at Pareto Securities Corporate Finance from 1998-2008, specializing in the TMT, renewable energy and real estate sectors, project managing a number of capital market transactions spanning from public mergers and acquisitions to private placements, IPO’s, de-listings and real estate syndication.


  • With partners, initiated a private equity takeover of a €40M Bulgarian seaside resort development, serving as chairman of the board until 2013, securing €15M in debt and equity financing.
  • Served as CEO for a Norwegian boutique real estate securities brokerage, procuring relevant Norwegian FSA-licenses for the operation, and also served as chairman / board member of its FSA-licensed Fund Management affiliation. 


Real Estate Management Services, Valuation and Advisory Services, Investment Services / Capital Markets, Asset Management, Financial Analysis


Florida Residential KS / Florida Eiendom Invest AS, UPN Holding AS / USA Property Norway KS, Dubai Real Development Holding AS, Abu Dhabi Real Development Holding AS, Retail Holding AS


Master of Science in finance and business administration from the Norwegian School of Economics and Administration (Norges Handelshøyskole, NHH), Bergen, Norway (1994).

Pre-doctoral academic courses in Financial Economics (Ph.D.ABD) from NHH (1997).

During my university education at the Norwegian School of Economics and Administration, I also completed 4 MBA/graduate level courses at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

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