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Acting Head of Marketing, Colliers International AB
2018-present. As Acting Head of Marketing I am responsible for the overall marketing and for Colliers International AB and the Swedish Marketing Team. I am a member of the Swedish Management Team as well as of the EMEA Leadership Marketing Team.

Marketing Coordinator, Colliers International AB
2011-2018 (7 years) I work with our Leasing team (Office, Retail, Industrial & Logistics) and our Corporate Solutions team. I develop and execute marketing plans for our projects as well as serve the teams with general marketing material. I am responsible for updating our website colliers.se and our Swedish hub. I also create posts and update our social media accounts; Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. I am a part of the marketing team in Sweden and we work closely together with internal and external events that Colliers participates in.

Marketing Coordinator, Colliers International AB
2009-2011 (2 years) Marketing Coordinator for the Retail team in Sweden and developted and executed marketing plans for our retail projects.

Marketing Coordinator, Marine Transaction Services AS (part of Wilh. Wilhelmsen Group)
2008-2009 (1 Year, based in Oslo, Norway) In charge of planning and execute exhibitions and seminars in both Norway and abroad. Responsible for the overall marketing material within the company.

Marketing Coordinator, Retail and Brands AB
2006-2008 (2 years) In charge of the marketing of Retail and Brands departments in NK shoppingmall in Gothenburg. Planned and executed events, advertising campaigns, newsletters and general marketing material. I also worked with the NK website.


I have successfully worked with several of our business teams as well as being a part of the Swedish Marketing team and the general marketing within Colliers Sweden. Highlights include:

  • Digital Marketing: plans, creates and publishes content for digital channels;  LinkedIn, Instagram and our website.
  • Client Engagement: smaller and larger events for clients, both in our offices and at other locations.
  • Colliers website: plans and executes changes and updates to make sure that colliers.se is continually updated. Part of an SEO project that Colliers Sweden started in January 2016 with a SEO company to enhance our presence on Google etc.


Project Marketing, Digital Marketing


Internal Clients.


Proteko - Business and Marketing.


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