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Market insight is the essential ingredient in all of the services we offer. We monitor trends and make projections to help you make critical decisions. Our researchers continuously source and analyze data in every major global market, helping you adapt to drivers outside your industry and region that could impact your business.

Current Walnut Creek Market Research Reports

Office Research
Heating Up

2017 Q2 | Walnut Creek Office | Market Report
While San Francisco and Oakland continue to experience unprecedented rental growth, the North I-680 Corridor is quietly climbing in rates as well. Overall rents in the area are at an alltime high since Colliers began tracking the market in 1999. While rents have been on the rise, vacancy has stabilized at about the 11-12 percent range which is good considering the past several years vacancy hovered around the 15-16 percent range.

To read more, download the full Q2 Office Market Report.

Industrial Research
Industrial Constriction

2017 Q2 | Walnut Creek Industrial | Market Report
As we continue into 2017, the North I-680 Corridor’s inventory continues to tighten up. The overall vacancy rate decreased to 8.6 percent in the current quarter, from 9.1 percent in the previous quarter. Rental rates remained constant at $0.65 per square foot. During the quarter, there was 100,803 square feet of absorption. Two sales occurred during the quarter, which is the same number of transactions that occurred last quarter.

To read more, download the full Q2 Industrial Market Report.

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