Recent research has lead sophisticated organizations to view the workplace as much more than the place we sit from 9 - 5. Our office is where everything happens. It’s where new ideas are generated; collaboration galvanizes teams; clients are won; and culture is developed and reinforced. The definition of a successful workplace is broadening. We spend a third of our lives at work and this new, broader focus is offering the opportunity for the workplace to be a place that promotes wellness. Vibrant workplaces attract talent. And It’s also where we connect to our company is a deep way, aligning our contribution to the larger role our organization plays in the world.

Relocations or expansions create tremendous opportunities for companies to make their workplaces play these important roles in wellness, talent attraction and brand connection. But drawing the linkages and developing strategies to get to these larger important goals can be complex.

That’s where Colliers can help. We use the latest research, along with our field-tested set of proprietary tools and methods, to help organizations create workplace solutions that address their unique business and cultural needs. Our approach has been successfully applied to millions of square feet for innovative and prosperous clients in many business sectors.

Don’t have another conversation about office standards and panel heights. Let Colliers help you make your workplace promote wellness and productivity send messages that attract talent and tell your customers you are ready for the future.

Workplace Innovation is a key service line in our Strategy & Innovation practice. Find out more about our services here.