Whether we are helping a client that has not ever deployed a lease administration database, to a client who has adopted an IWMS technology and wants to leverage advanced analytics, we have experience that will allow us to deliver in a way that will maximize the probability of adoption and ultimately a compelling return on investment (ROI). 

We have repeatedly started a new relationship with a client with our initial phases of our Colliers 360 technology solution already live and ready for training and use by the client.  In almost every case, we see client’s technology objectives and needs change frequently, even many times within the 1st year.  We plan for this reality, and stand ready to make modifications without additional fees.  This is one key example of our unique approach. 

Our custom-designed technology solutions are driven by the following simple principles:

  • Real-time integration and centralization of information from many diverse data sources is critical to support dynamic, fact-based decision making.
  • Leveraging multiple disparate data sources demands flexible platform and capability.
  • Non-proprietary systems allow our clients freedom and long-term sustainability.
  • Tools that facilitate communication and collaboration can enhance business agility and operational excellence.

Our Technology Services team has extensive experience in designing solutions that are:

  • Focused on integration and consolidation of data from multiple systems and sources.
  • Designed using a plug-and-play approach, allowing us maintain a client’s existing technology.
  • Flexible to ensure that changing requirements can be accommodated.