Place Strategy® Portfolio Planning with Colliers 360®

Through our proprietary Place Strategy® approach, portfolio supply and demand are analyzed to develop forward looking occupancy strategies that enable corporate real estate leaders to quickly respond to changing business conditions and be true strategic partners with the enterprise. Each element of Place Strategy is supported by processes and tools, powered by our Colliers 360 platform, which your organization can engage on a project or ongoing basis. This methodology has been applied to over 2 billion square feet of corporate real estate portfolios, including 12 of the 40 largest Fortune 100 office portfolio, in sectors including telecommunications, banking, technology, manufacturing, service companies, as well as government and public agencies.

Workplace Innovation

The workplace is much more than panel heights and space plans. The modern workplace is an integrated set of locations, technologies, programs and work practices that connect people and enable them to contribute and be productive. Core to today’s understanding of the workplace includes exploration of trends that provide for increased mobility, flexibility and community engagement. We seek to gain a thorough understanding of your business in order to also consider non-traditional leasing and licensing models that include co-working, furnished office services and the marketplace for surplus space from other occupiers.  This holistically defined workplace is a tool to be applied to many challenges. Like attracting and retaining talent, lowering healthcare costs, and creating a culture that drives engagement and productivity. Colliers applies a structured four-step process to workplace strategy development and implementation that is supported by tested tools, techniques and data visualization that has been successfully applied to a variety of companies across a range of industries.

Location Strategy, Site Selection and Incentives

Location strategy is an ongoing assessment of current location quality as well as forward looking intelligence about potential locations with an emphasis on workforce quality and labor economics. Drawing from multiple data sources, and utilizing interactive GIS mapping and visual overlays powered by Colliers 360, our analysis directly supports your critical operational requirements. Site selection services are provided in concert with local Colliers offices and allied professionals and are supported by our in-house economic development specialists.

Supply Chain & Logistics Consulting

As a consulting practice, our Supply Chain & Logistics Consulting function lies in helping clients align supply chain execution with their company business objectives.  Our team of experts work with clients in partnership with Colliers professionals across the globe to help clients develop innovative strategies and also understand the nuances of individual markets.

Consumer Economy Innovation

Technology and web based portals are providing real estate organizations expanding opportunities through alternative occupancy models. New models seek to link landlords and occupiers through agreements that do not rely on traditional leasing. We assist clients in analyzing the myriad of options and provide recommendations that fit their business.

Corporate Real Estate Organizational Strategy and Effectiveness

The highest performing corporate real estate organizations continually invest in their people and processes. Robust “client relationship management” engaging the business in improving its operations and profitability, not just focusing on real estate cost reduction, is essential. Colliers advises on achieving the optimal balance of in-house expertise, supported with excellent service provision, through our Strong Client model. We place a special emphasis on skills and process training to build a robust and respected client organization.