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Building Wealth in Commercial Real Estate

Very few business opportunities allow investors to build wealth without paying taxes and subsequently pay reduced taxes when the time finally comes to settle up with Uncle Sam. Commercial real estate ownership is a prime exception. There are not many wealthy individuals that are not involved in commercial real estate. They are not in real estate because they are wealthy. In many cases they are wealthy because they are in real estate.

Is It Wiser To Lease Or To Own?

The quick, easy answer that most people would give to this question would be that it is always better “to own”. The next thing they might typically say is that they believe they cannot afford to own. Today, however, there are a number of financing vehicles available that can make ownership an easier alternative than they might expect.

Commercial Real Estate Decisions Growing More Challenging

The combination of an unstable economic environment and a number of upcoming proposed regulatory changes are making both short and long term planning extremely difficult for commercial real estate owners, tenants and investors.

Will Roger's On Real Estate

On April 13, 1930, Will Rogers uttered one of his more famous quotes, saying “out here I had been putting what little money I had in ocean frontage, for the sole reason that there was only so much of it and no more, and that they wasn't making any more”. This is the famous quote that is often paraphrased to say:  “Buy land. They ain't making any more of the stuff.“

Growing Demand For Fort Bend Investment Properties

Demand for quality commercial real estate properties increased substantially in Fort Bend County in 2012 as investors sought to move cash into hard assets. Driven by projections of rising inflation and slow economic growth over upcoming years, competition for quality properties has been brisk.

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