ENERGY TOWER at City Center, a 58-story, vertically integrated, mixed-use structure composed of glass, steel, vertical gardens and reflecting pools, is formed by these primary elements:

  • Highly efficient and environmentally sustainable design
  • 564,000 square feet of Class A office space with sky lobby
  • 226,653 square feet for a 198-room, luxury hotel, with spas, world class gymnasium, sky pool, sky lounge and business centers
  • 230,460 square feet of branded residences, with full hotel amenities, to experience the luxury and service of the finest hotels at home
  • 53,500 square feet of retail, protected from the elements through Edmonds International island design engineering, with heat-reducing reflective pools, and best-in-class restaurants, cafes and branded shopping experiences
  • An entertainment center, which will include a seven-screen VIP movie theater, sky restaurant, private club and green zones designated for outdoor and indoor concerts and theater
  • 59,500 square feet of ballroom and convention space, adjoined to intelligently integrate through green zones and vertical gardens, to service the growing corporate need for conference facilities and private need for five-star banquet settings. Facilities will be designed to host up to 5,000 people per event for any theme or occasion
  • Five levels of subterranean parking, with 2,920 parking units designed to ease pedestrian access through City Center as well as revitalize the entire downtown community
  • Centennial Plaza, a park at the base of ENERGY TOWER at City Center, will act as a pleasant oasis and social center in the heart of downtown Midland. Fountains and bicycle and pedestrian-friendly outdoor exercise areas all make it on ideal location for family gatherings and business professionals. Among its unique features, Centennial Plaza will also encompass stunning vertical gardens, expansive grassed areas, a shaded plaza and historical sculptures and artwork. Centennial Plaza will offer attractive commercial and cultural solutions as well through its vast array of facilities that will include a signature Edmonds International green roofed 400-seat amphitheater and event plaza able to host multiple outdoor expositions, concerts, festivals and formers' markets

This grand project will define Midland, its leaders and the people of this city for decades to come, revitalizing the heart of downtown Midland into a thriving office, hotel, residence, retail and entertainment center.

Make ENERGY TOWER at City Center the symbol of Midland today.

Midland, TX | Oil Capital of America