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Barkley’s Must Try Houston Area Spots

Life is too short for mediocre food, so I love it when I find a menu item at a restaurant that is exceptional. I eat out quite a bit in my line of business, so I have the privilege of trying a lot of different restaurants. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone already figured out what to order at each restaurant? So here are some suggestions next time you take your spouse or a client to lunch or dinner.    

Perry’s Steakhouse: Pork Chop Friday Lunch

If you don’t know about Perry’s Steakhouse, you’ve been hiding under a rock.  However, what you may not know is that they have a great lunch special on Friday’s.  For $14.95, you get a lunch portion of their famous pork chop (which is more than enough) with whipped potatoes and applesauce.


You don’t have to break the bank to treat your client or prospect to a great meal at a nice restaurant. And if you haven’t ever eaten a pork chop at Perry’s, you owe it to yourself to try one. It’s amazing.

Summer Ice Cream Treat Recommendations 

Ice cream is great any time of the year, but it’s especially good during the summer.  I found this gem of a dessert at Potbelly of all places. Give it a try next time you eat out.

Potbelly Sandwich Shop: Chocolate Brownie Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich. Potbelly makes fresh baked cookies throughout the day  that are big and chewy. Get their chocolate brownie cookie with vanilla ice cream in the middle.  And here’s the trick - don’t eat it right  away, but take it home and put it in the freezer for a few hours first to get it good and hard.  It’s a delight!

Taste New Orleans 

I love great food, and I seek out the best dishes at every restaurant I try. So here are some suggestions next time you take your spouse or a client to lunch or dinner. You can thank me later.

Full disclosure: I am not an etouffee fan. However, the crawfish etouffee at The Rouxpour Restaurant & Oyster Bar in Sugar Land Town Square will knock your socks off! It’s not like a traditional, thick etouffee. It’s more “soupy” like a gumbo. I’m not sure why I even tried it, but I’m glad I did. It’s exceptional.

At lunch, get the “Choose Any Two” for $10.99 and order the Fried Shrimp Poboy and Crawfish Etouffee. You won’t be disappointed. If you want to splurge and get an appetizer, try one of the oyster dishes or my favorite, Jumbo Lump Crabmeat Au Gratin. That stuff will set you free!

The Barkley Peschel Team