Law Firm Services Team

Law firms are not like most other tenants. Your organization has unique needs which affect both profitability and efficiency. The Colliers Law Firm Services group will partner with your firm to meet these challenges while allowing your firm’s senior management to remain focused on its core business activity. The legal industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Mergers, globalization and technology have irrevocably changed the way law firms do business. As a result, flexibility and financial structure are critical elements in negotiating a law firm lease, and the firm’s image is also an important factor. Your lease must allow for growth and flexibility, but it must also provide cost management without compromising the identity of the firm.

As a trusted advisor, we can:
  • Analyze leasing options to find the best combination of image and efficiency
  • Manage capital resources and control costs
  • Negotiate a transaction that provides flexibility for growth and teaming
  • Utilize market knowledge to seize new opportunities
  • Access industry best practices and provide benchmark data
  • Positively impact workforce productivity
  • Mitigate risk and limit partners’ financial exposure
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