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10 Questions to Ask Your Commercial Real Estate Broker

Not all real estate brokerage firms are equal. Generally speaking, the ability of a brokerage firm to represent your company through it’s strategic alliances and ongoing market knowledge will account for the majority of success in the successful renewal, establishment or relocation of your office space. It is extremely important to understand how your prospective commercial broker will assist you in this important real estate decision. 

Since achieving the best possible rental rate is a critical item within your office lease, ask your commercial real estate broker these questions...

  • Is your firm responsible for providing the most up to date market data regarding rental rate expectations? 
  • Are potential revisions to my rental rate based upon your views of the market or are they driven primarily by my needs? 
  • Specifically, how would my rental rate change if the perception was that of an impending down market? Up market? 
  • Does the broker or firm have a proven track record for successfully completing similar lease transactions? 
What do you monitor to alert you to the possibility of a change in the market? And thus a change in lease rates? Market leadership has always and will continue to shift over time… 
  • Is your firm capable of making ongoing or recommending changes to my real estate requirements? 
  • Does you firm have a proven track record of making timely decisions of this nature? 
In the Commercial Real Estate Market working in the wrong product type can be detrimental to success. Ask your current broker the following: 
  • How would you describe your firms overall real estate specialty? 
  • Will my lease be reviewed periodically and recommendations provided? How Often? 
  • May I review the firm’s success record?

Office leasing Guide for Tampa Commercial real estate investors

Office Leasing Guide

A step by step guide of the leasing process. 

Inside you'll find:

  • Tenant Improvements
  • Common Pitfalls
  • Timelines
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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