William Stafford established a plantation with a cane mill and a horse-powered cotton gin in 1830. On April 15, 1836, during the Texas Revolution, the forces of Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna stopped at Stafford's plantation and ordered it to be burned. Stafford rebuilt his plantation and resided there until his 1840 death. A settlement called Stafford's Point established itself around the plantation; it became a townsite in August 1853 when the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railway began stopping at Stafford's Point. Stafford's Point had a post office from 1854 to 1869


  • The population of Stafford, TX is 19,256
  • The top three races in Stafford, TX (by population) are: White (36.2%), Black or African American (27.5%) and Asian (22.9%)
  • The age distribution of Stafford, TX is 64.4% ages 20-64 years, 26.2% ages 19 year or younger and 9.3% ages 65 or over
  • The median age for females is 27 years old
  • The median age for males is 32 years old
  • 42.7% of Stafford, TX residents are married and 57.3% are single
  • 19.1% of residents have obtained a high school degree or a GED, while 25.3% of residents have obtained a college degree
  • The projected annual population growth in Stafford, TX between 2013-2018 is 2.8%
  • The estimated population density in Stafford, TX is 2,735 per square mile


  • The estimated per capita income for Stafford, TX is $26,055
  • The average household income in Stafford, TX is $67,214
  • The average travel times in Stafford, TX are: 30-59 minutes (34.4%), 15-29 minutes (29.6%) and 14 minutes or less (28.2%)
  • The total number of businesses in Stafford, TX is 1,759
  • The unemployment rate for Stafford, TX is 4.8%
  • The top three professions for the Stafford, TX population are: Professional/Related (28.7%), Sales/Office (26.9%) and Management/Business/Financial Operations (15.4%)


  • 67.4% of Stafford, TX residents are married couples with children
  • The average family household size is 3.2
  • 44.2% of Stafford, TX residents own their home while 55.8% of residents rent
  • The median household income in Stafford, TX is $61,376
  • The owner-occupied median home value in Stafford, TX is $148,343
  • The renter-occupied median rent in Stafford, TX is $842

Data provided from REgis Online