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Our brokerage teams who work on behalf of property owners and landlords do more than searching and signing tenants. They create the strategic backbone of a property marketing cycle that positions the property in the marketplace and secures the right tenants, building value to support the landlord’s ownership goals. These are six key aspects we consider when representing landlords and owners:

1. Know your competitive set. When a broker is actively marketing your property, how do you know how well they’re performing? Most owners don’t know, because they don’t have a frame of reference. From our first meetings through our regular status reports, we can compare your building’s leasing performance with these competitors to consistently evaluate our strategies and success.

2. Positioning matters. Many commercial buildings have become commodities—too alike, and therefore potential tenants make choices based on price. We seek to elevate your building’s stature within its competitive set by defining and cultivating the amenities it offers that are unlike any other.

3. Never miss a prospect. In a perfect marketplace, every potential tenant who is qualified to lease your space would be aware of it. Technology advances bring us closer to this, giving all tenants greater transparency and access to information about available space.

4. Mix well. Form into clusters. The relationships among tenants in a building are proven to add asset value over time by reducing turnover rates. We foster tenant collaboration and support our leasing efforts by showcasing the benefits of not only the building, but of adjacent tenants and services.

5. Minimize risk. We start many engagements with our lease auditing teams, who carefully comb through leases to ensure all reimbursable expenses are properly billed and captured, all leasable space is fully utilized, and lease abstracts clearly define both the owner’s and tenants’ obligations.

6. Today’s lease has a ripple effect on tomorrow’s investment. We collaborate to plan your long-term leasing objectives to minimize exposure due to lease expirations, reduce turnover through blending and extending existing tenants, and plan for significant capital improvements.

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Retail Landlord Continuum

Depth of services, an integrated approach. You want the most from your property investment, and our team brings it to you. At more than 520 offices worldwide, Colliers offers Landlords a service that embraces a thoughtful process:

     > Strategic Advisory & Consulting Service
     > Real Estate Management Services
     > Comprehensive Leasing Services
     > Disposition & Acquisition
     > Capital Markets & Valuation 
             > Debt and Equity Service
             > Comprehensive and Fully Independent Valuations
     > Development Services

The result? You get the most from your property and investment.

At Colliers, we pay attention and take advantage of the current market and property efficiencies and inefficiencies in order to capture untapped value through creative problem solving.

Becoming a key stakeholder with Clients, Retailers, and the community emphasizes the Continuum and the life cycle of the asset.

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