Technology Solutions & Business Analytics

  • Colliers 360 Business Intelligence: Development of key performance indicators (KPIs) that are measured, reported and tracked in an industry-leading, real-time business analytics dashboard environment, customized to meet the client’s specific business criteria.
  • Technology & Systems Advisory: Assessment and highest-and-best use recommendations on data management and business intelligence for real estate, lease administration, project and transaction management, and facilities management systems

Portfolio Strategy

  • Portfolio Optimization: Analyzing, measuring and recommending strategies to maximize the efficiency and minimize the cost of a distributed real estate portfolio to complement the business plan. This includes advisory services focused on optimization at the global, regional and metro levels.  
  • Real Estate Demand Planning and Strategy: Leading and facilitating a proven process to develop scenarios, a proactive strategy, and a road map to align the real estate portfolio with the business plan.
  • Workplace Consulting: Providing Alternative Workplace Strategy (AWS) leadership, workforce analysis, distributed work analysis and scenario planning.

Management Consulting

  • CRE Organization Design: Designing the most flexible and cost-effective model to align internal client resources and external service provider resources. 
  • Transition Advisory: Planning and development of on-boarding, transition and change management for service model integration.
  • CRE Business Process Transformation: Strategic planning for the CRE department, setting real estate portfolio objectives and KPIs, designing the optimal CRE organization, CRE process re-engineering and improvements, decision scorecard development and implementation, and technology deployment and dashboard utilization.
  • Merger & Acquisition: Real estate due diligence guidance and support, facilitation and management of legal documents, identification and analysis of consolidation opportunities, merger of real estate information systems and CRE departments, best practices evaluations and “mark to market” valuations and appraisals.
  • Efficiency and Process Improvement: Lean thinking and Six Sigma methodology analytics and approach to workflow, cost reduction and quality improvement plans
  • Operations Roadmap: Total cost and value modeling of global and regional operations, resource and financial opportunity cost-benefit analysis

Location Advisory

  • Incentives and Site Selection Services: Pursuit of government incentives and programs on behalf of our clients, negotiations with competing governments, and development of ongoing compliance initiatives to maximize the potential of the realized benefits.
  • Research: Regularly distributed white papers, global to local market research, industry and asset-type analyzes, demographics and sophisticated and comprehensive Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping.

Footprint Solutions

  • Sustainability Consulting: Over 150 LEED Accredited Professionals and our sustainability advisory practice accelerate our client’s vision to achieve specific corporate sustainability objectives.
  • Supply Chain and Manufacturing  Footprint Optimization: Retail distribution strategies, and network optimization analysis and recommendation.
  • Critical Sites Analysis: Technology, data and core value-chain-focused business model development, decision criteria analytics and portfolio optimization strategy.
  • Capital Expenditure Planning: Forecasting, modeling and prioritization of multi-year time-horizon capital expenditure requirements.