Urban Landlord Partners

Case Studies

5th and Pine Building

Colliers International ULP team was hired to lease the 5th and Pine Building where they maintained 100% occupany in a market with an average 82% occupancy rate.  The ULP team lease 30,000 SF at a rate of 15% above market.

Market Place Tower
Market Place Tower

Colliers International was hired to lease and increase rents and occupany of Market Place Tower.  The ULP team of Dahl and Gurry increased rental rates by 29%.  The building is currently 100% leased and offers were 75% higher than the initial asking rate.

Seattle Tower
Seattle Tower - Learoc Funds

Colliers International ULP team was hired for the sale and leasing of Seattle Tower for Laeroc Funds.  The Colliers team succesfully increased occupany and repositoned the property to increase the sales value by $12 million ($70 per square foot).

Zulily, Formerly Cobalt Building

Colliers International ULP team was hired to lease the former Cobalt Building, a historic building in Seattle's SoDo district.  The ULP team implemented a comprehensive marketing program to build awareness for the building among tenants and the brokerage community.  Colliers secured a single tenant to move in immediately with no tenant improvements resulting in instant cash flow for the owners and a 100% leased property.

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