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Retail Impact

The Landscape

Contemporary retail is in flux -- transforming as dramatically today as when price tags were first affixed to products for sale. In the flat world we live in, brands cross borders, supply-chains have shortened, styles change daily and the smartphone, which barely existed 10 years ago, is both a lens on retail and an engine for commerce, both in-store and online. Consumer access to retail data is unprecedented: Product cost, quality, peer reviews and more are widely available and easily accessed. The immediacy and transparency of information put additional competitive pressures on retailers and the owners they lease space from. The primary consumer, the baby boomers, will soon be outspent by the newest cohort, the millennials, a generation that embraces the renter economy, places fitness and locally-sourced goods at a premium, understands brand awareness and allegiance, and is committed to giving back.

The Outlook

Retail has kept pace with the overall U.S. recovery, and a cautious optimism is pervasive. Omnichannel is the watchword as consumers demand multiple options for purchase and pickup. Technology has impacted buyers, sellers and landlords so significantly that the role of the store needs to be reimagined.

A new pathway has been created where the physical store or mall or lifestyle center is the "third place," after home and work. Retail as entertainment is not new, but the pace of change and evolution of the concepts are. To execute successfully on this new model, however, both tenants and landlords need to embrace an immersive, customer-centric model.

The demise of brick and mortar has been greatly exaggerated. however, these stores are missing significant opportunities for branding, service, contact and retention. The shopping experience is not being replaced but enhanced by online and alternative channels. Provide your customers with the best of all shopping experiences, and the world will beat a path to your door.

The Solution

Colliers International is where you are as well where you want to be. Our Research Team provides accurate data, collecting and analyzing key data points from global high streets to discern opportunities. Our Retail Specialists understand regional, national and global industry trends and their impact on real estate. Our primary goal is to help you keep retail real estate relevant.

Easy to work with. Hassle-free. Quite often this is how our clients describe us, and we take the compliment. We know how much is riding on the right decision: profitability, long-term relationships and careers.

Colliers at a Glance

Revenue: $2.6 billion*
Countries: 68
Professionals: 15,000
Square Feet Managed: 2 billion
Lease/Sale Transactions: 72,000
Total Transaction Value: $105 billion
* All statistics are for 2016, are in U.S. dollars and include affiliates.

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