Doherty Industrial Group's marketing strategy is to do everything necessary to deliver a qualified buyer who will pay the most for the asset and will close within a timeframe acceptable to all.

Our philosophy is to be one step ahead to deliver better and faster through our connectivity to multiple buyer pools, knowledge of buyer motivators and drivers, extensive knowledge and history with real estate market cycles, in-depth understanding of both institutional and private capitacl markets, and through our upfront preparation and execution speed.

The vacant land provides additional challenges as potential buyers need to understand the development challenges and opportunities. As a result, the disposition strategy for the land goes beyond the typical "list and sell" approach. Our team specializes in difficult and complicated transactions and with our team we can effectively understand and position the asset in the marketplace.

Completed Land Sales

Simmons Airpark – North, Ltd. SEC Brooks & Simmons 12.23 Ac $3.15 psf
Second Ave Brooks SWC Brooks & 5th 18.79 Ac $2.44 psf
JMAC Industries 5520 Stephanie 1.09 Ac $5.79 psf
Elkhorn & Hualapai APN 163-34-801-008 2.5 Ac $7.35 psf
Charles L. Painter Family LP APN 163-34-801-002 plus 24.31 $6.66 psf
Lamb Boulevard Investors APN 140-05-101-008 9.19 Ac $4.81 psf
Las Vegas Police Protective APN 163-36-701-024 6.15 Ac $10.83 psf
Centra Park West, LLC APN 163-34-801-008 plus 21.64 Ac $12.81 psf
Morgan Adhesives APN 140-06-110-004 3.51 Ac $6.02 psf
Craig 4, LLC APN 140-05-210-004 4.35 Ac $12.19 psf
Lamb 7, LLC APN 140-05-210-015 7.65 Ac $10.15 psf
Arctic Springs 006, Ltd. APN 140-05-416-006 0.92 Ac $14.35 psf
Sunset LV Land Holdings APN 163-34-810-002 5.00 Ac $24.54 psf
GKT Acquisitions Mitchell & Walnut 3.48 Ac $14.51 psf
HH Lamb NEC Lamb & Cartier 18.11 Ac $12.11 psf
Sunset LV Land Holdings APN 163-34-810-007 3.41 Ac $24.00 psf
GKT II, LLC APN 163-33-701-008 5.30 Ac $17.74 psf
Chinn Family Trust APN163-33-701-009 5.30 Ac $17.81 psf
GKT 4 Patrick & BelCastro 2.50 Ac $16.07 psf
CPI Eight LLC & Steve Menzies APN 162-31-301-019 4.38 Ac $17.03 psf
Post Park APN 163-33-701-009 5.07 Ac $28.50 psf