The sale-leaseback often begins with companies recognizing that assets frozen in concrete and steel are neither good for the balance sheet nor a productive utilization of capital. Now, more than ever, businesses have a need to convert existing real estate assets into cash and find cost-effective and efficient alternatives to traditional debt to fund the costs of expansion, acquisitions, special investments opportunities, and construction of new facilities.

The Commercial Investment Group at Colliers International can help you to immediately free up capital. With 294 offices in 61 countries, the Colliers network is crucial in determining market rents, cap rates, and finding an investor in any market.

Top Reasons To Consider A Sale-Leaseback

  1. Operational Flexibility - Maintain maximum flexibility for future real estate investments.
  2. Expand Locations - Increase market share without depleting corporate capital.
  3. Off-Balance Sheet - Favorable accounting treatment.
  4. Special Investment Opportunities - Provide funds for mergers, acquisitions, and other investment opportunities.
  5. Improve Earnings - Recognize the appreciated value of your real estate.
  6. Tap Into 100% of Property Value - As opposed to 50%-60% through the use of traditional loan sources.