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Gregg Broujos
Managing Director & Founding Principal | Pittsburgh

Brokerage: Tenant Representation

Our expert tenant representation team crafts real estate strategies customized to client needs, guiding stakeholders through the selection process. We have been involved in land development, acquisition, sales, leasing and management of commercial properties, and are continually exposed to hundreds of lease and sale transactions each year. As a result, we have an unparalleled knowledge of market trends, and we can identify potential hurdles and top tenant mistakes to keep your relocation or renewal process on target with minimal disruption to your business and productivity.

Throughout the negotiation and transaction process, we will assist your firm in evaluating and analyzing the available options, qualifying the landlords, cultivating strategic demand among the landlords through active negotiations and implementing a counter offer process that will drive pricing and terms. Our objective is to function as a seamless extension of your firm and deliver unequalled real estate services.

Brokerage: Tenant Representation

A lease means more than a box where you do business. We believe your lease can support business success in these four areas:

1. A lease can allow nimble strategic moves. We help business owners retain flexibility to make strategic moves, with your lease terms supporting not constraining these decisions.

2. A lease can be transformative for a business brand, elevating your image through the building’s own prestige or through proximity to other top brands or service providers.

3. A lease can unite teams for greater productivity. Careful space planning can optimize productivity, creativity, corporate culture and more.

4. The three most important factors in real estate are location, location, location—really.
To target your optimal space, we consider how location impacts clients, resources and employees.

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