SHIFT FROM REACTIVE TO PROACTIVE — Level the playing field

Next to payroll, real estate is likely your biggest business expense. Yet, the office lease expiration often goes unrecognized for the significant event that it is. The structuring of an office lease should not be left to the inexperienced or the uninformed —the consequences can last for 3, 5, or 10 years. With a Colliers Tenant Advisor on your team, you are equipped to shift from reactive to proactive.

COLLIERS TENANT ADVISORS — Bring in the value-add

Real estate is our specialty—it’s what we do all day, every day. Our focus is on the real estate outcome that best supports your business. We navigate the process for you so the demands on your time are minimized and you can focus on your core business. With the right guidance, your lease renewal or new lease will minimize occupancy costs, maximize flexibility, and limit risk. We ensure that you are in the best position when it comes time to renegotiate, renew or relocate.

OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE — Align your real estate with your mission

A lease expiration offers the opportunity to reevaluate the image and location of your company, the way people work together, even the company’s values, to determine that you are in the best location to attract the right people to continue to grow your business and increase profitability. A Colliers Tenant Advisor guides you through viable options, from current site re-design to alternative site selection.