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We invite you to read the articles our local commercial real estate experts have written on regional trends and timely topics. We hope that the strength of our professionals in the markets we serve translates into valuable insights that positively affect your future commercial real estate decisions.

open office layout
Is an Open Office Right for Your Business?

The theory is ubiquitous, we’ve all heard it - open offices are the future of workplace design. Not only do open layouts look great and create a sense of team, they also attract and retain the best talent, foster collaboration, spur innovation, boost morale, increase productivity, and save money, wow! Mr. Employer, tear down that wall!

Leverage the Summer Slowdown

The summer slowdown hits hard in July and August as the Delaware beaches, Jersey shore, golf courses, and the lakes of the Pocono’s call away many decision makers and influencers in our Region. Rather than idle away the downtime, why not spend it productively so when everyone returns in September with sleeves rolled up ready to get things done, you can hit the ground running. Why not leverage the summer slowdown to investigate and strategize?

office layout
The Joys of the Office Move

Physically relocating your office to a new site can seem like a daunting task; too much of a hassle to even contemplate. But the reality is, with proper planning, it can be a smooth transition which revitalizes your company and yields the happy result of a “honeymoon” period in sweet new digs for you and your staff.

office interior
When Should I Start to Think About My Lease Renewal?

Whenever there is an endpoint in a lease - whether it is an expiration or termination option - an opportunity is created for the prepared tenant. Up-market or down-market, the moment there is a potential break point in your lease is the time to evaluate how your company is utilizing the space it is in and whether your real estate is aligned with your mission. Navigating the process can be complicated so it’s best to know, first of all, how early do you need to start the process?

Tenant Improvement Allowance
The Tenant Improvement Allowance

A key component of any lease negotiation is the tenant improvement allowance provided by the landlord to build-out or retrofit an office space for the tenant’s specific use, particularly since the amount spent is amortized into the rental rate. The amount of the tenant improvement allowance, as well as the length of the lease term has a significant impact on the negotiated rental rate.

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