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We invite you to read the articles our local commercial real estate experts have written on regional trends and timely topics. We hope that the strength of our professionals in the markets we serve translates into valuable insights that positively affect your future commercial real estate decisions.

open office layout
Is an Open Office Right for Your Business?

The theory is ubiquitous, we’ve all heard it - open offices are the future of workplace design. Not only do open layouts look great and create a sense of team, they also attract and retain the best talent, foster collaboration, spur innovation, boost morale, increase productivity, and save money, wow! Mr. Employer, tear down that wall!

#People Power

Jason Gorman
Jason Gorman

As part of the Colliers 24 Hour Service Center, our mobile technician Jason Gorman is on the front line, responding to property emergencies and protecting our clients' investments. Jason told us: "I get to wear many hats. Today I can be a plumber the next a carpenter. I never know what might come up and where the day might take me. A response to a routine call quickly turned to police work as I stumbled upon copper thieves at work. I kept out of sight and called 911 - the response was tremendous! The state police quickly surrounded the building with officers, a helicopter and even a canine crew that led to the successful capture of several career criminals of the area." And on how he got so handy: "I was always that kid on the block building tree houses in the woods, skate board ramps, soap box derby cars. My family was always supportive of my contraptions but my older brother was the real brains and push behind my handiness, recommending vocational school that led to key work experiences with the Rubenstein Company and Brandywine Realty Trust - that really set the foundation for my career."

Ina Sargen
Ina Sargen

"There's been a correlation between gender diversity on corporate boards and better corporate financial, performance - to me, this translates as to how women in CRE can provide value and a fresh perspective on evaluating and negotiating transactions. I also firmly believe that women are natural collaborators and can step back and see how to get a deal done and work with all parties and their different viewpoints to find solutions."

Colin Redd
Colin Redd

We asked Colin what words he lives by and he was quick to respond: "PERSEVERENCE, FAMILY and SUCCESS. I feel those words hold true in everything I do." He finds time to foster those values in others too: "I'm very interested in the future generations, I enjoy mentoring younger people."

Cassey Baker
Cassey Baker

Graphic Designer Cassey Baker explains why she is passionate about good design: "I’ve always been equal parts creative and logical, so graphic design seemed like the perfect way to combine those two parts of me. I get to inform and educate and do it through visual means." She's passionate about Philly too: "I’m originally from Massachusetts, but I know how to properly order a cheesesteak now (wiz without), so I feel like a true local. I think Philly has the best food, beer, and outdoor spaces, and that’s why I love living and working here."

Kirsten Kurz
Kirsten Kurz

Meet Kirsten Kurz, Market Analyst for our Logistics Team (and currently pursuing a Masters in GIS). When asked what put her on the path to real estate she - unsurprisingly - pinpointed it exactly: "I’ve always been interested in the built environment, particularly how the intrinsic geographical qualities of place interact with extrinsic economic, political, and social forces to spur growth, stagnation, or decline. Market research in a real estate context allows me to examine exactly this—how macro and micro trends may affect the future of individual submarkets or properties."

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