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Insight Magazine

Our experts are providing solutions for our clients every day as they respond to changes occurring across all sectors of commercial real estate. One of the objectives of Insight is to highlight the trend that are driving our business across the tri-state region and share these dynamics with you, whether you own, lease, or manage real estate, so that you can plan for and adapt to the opportunities and challenges the markets present.

In This Issue

Future of Buildings
Buildings of the Future

We spoke with five local leading experts across the commercial real estate spectrum, responsible for investment and development decisions, to get their perspective on the future of commercial real estate in their specialty and to find out what they are anticipating over the next 10 years to ensure their future success.

Wilkes-Barre PA
Small Cities on the Rise

As businesses continue to invest in downtown districts and people continue to move back to cities, the question becomes, does this trend trickle down to smaller cities in tertiary markets and what are they doing to create their own downtown renaissance? We spoke with business, government and economic development leaders from several smaller cities in the region to find out how they were faring in their efforts and planning for the future.

driverless cars
How Driverless Cars Will Reshape the Built Environment

The commercial real estate industry has long wrestled with the realities of a workforce that spends an increasing number of hours in cars, moving along the highway at a frustratingly slow pace. While many are focusing on how driverless cars could reduce commute times or make the roads a safer place, how the built environment adapts to this emerging reality may be what ultimately determines its success.

verticle farming
The New Food Chain

As populations continue to grow and shift more to urban areas, so has the demand for locally grown produce in those areas. Community gardens and farmers markets have sprung up in almost every neighborhood over the last five years, but they provide a limited supply and are seasonally restricted. Indoor farming facilities, on the other hand, can bring fresh, local produce to urban “food deserts” year round.

Eds & Meds
Eds & Meds: An Inside Look

The future of commercial real estate in Philadelphia is significantly tied to the future of its institutions of higher education and healthcare. Two of the region’s leading visionaries in healthcare and higher education gave us a peek inside to see the exciting, transformational possibilities for the future of these consumer-centric industries.

market watch
Market Watch

An overview of trends and activity impacting the CRE market in the Tri-State area.

economic preview
U.S. Property Markets Shake Off Slowdown and Power On

The slowdown in U.S. commercial property markets that began last year has continued into the first half of 2017, though activity picked up during the second quarter and transactions levels remain relatively robust by historical standards. After peaking in Q4 2015, year-over-year transaction volumes have declined in five of the last six quarters, including Q1 and Q2 this year. However, the rate of decline has been falling, perhaps suggesting markets are stabilizing.

thought bubble with lightbulb
Final Words: Adapting to Change

In business, the ability to adapt and change is often what separates successful businesses from those that are forgotten. Some leaders are good at spotting trends, some are good at adapting to them, but a few highly successful leaders have learned how to become an agent of change, someone who embraces the idea of transformation and encourages it as a way to push their business forward.

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