Dealing with the logistical effects of growth while still focusing on your company's core business can be a real juggling act. For Integrity Staffing Solutions (ISS), one of America's fastest growing and largest staffing firms specializing in high volume, clerical and light industrial staffing, this was a real drain on their resources.

Its Delaware-based Corporate Headquarters was getting cramped and an expansion pace of 3-4 sites per year for its nationwide Job Opportunity Centers was becoming increasing difficult to manage without a dedicated in-house real estate team. The Colliers International team assisted ISS to streamline and optimize the real estate process so they could use their resources to better run and manage their growing business - one that added over 90,000 W-2s to the economy in 2014 alone!

With a focus more strategic than transactional, the Colliers team closely followed the entire lease cycle for both the local headquarters requirements as well as in each Opportunity Center market, calling ISS' attention to critical dates, educating on leaseholder responsibility and leveraging Colliers' market brokers' existing relationships to source vetted contractors and associated professionals. By way of example, in one market an opportunity to align ISS' expansion and consolidate three sites in individual leases was skillfully identified.

With Colliers serving to streamline the real estate process, Integrity Staffing Solutions was able to focus their resources to better run and manage their growing business. ISS' VP of Finance believes Colliers has saved hundreds of hours of time and close to half a million in real estate expense in just one year.

Colliers successfully located a new 18,314 SF headquarters for ISS – one that supports the Delaware based corporate employees with a footprint that accommodates current, training and collaborative work spaces designed to support Integrity's growing client roster.

The Opportunity Centers throughout the United States that Colliers has assisted to open are integral toward ISS' mission to be an "engine of opportunity" for job seekers - an economical, accessible, convenient space to connect applicants to seasonal and permanent job opportunities that topped over 90,000 last year alone.