Facility Management Services

Our Facility Management solutions are designed with a holistic approach to total quality management to meet the needs of our clients achieving efficiency, cost savings and the highest levels of employee satisfaction with our range of customized services.

We focus on the fulfillment of the objectives of our clients in order to:

 › Control and reduce operating costs.

 › Free up human and financial resources for other purposes.

 › Increase efficiency in management solutions.

 › Add resources to the company that are not available internally.

By fulfilling these objectives, we improve the capabilities of our clients to focus on their core business, delegating to us the activities that do not generate direct value for them.


In addition:

› We prepare, execute and control the annual expense and capital expenditure budgets.

› We prepare the Annual Preventive Maintenance Plan.

› We design operating procedures.

› We handle the accounting, finance, treasury, billing and payments to suppliers.

› We count with administrative and operational support.

› We prepare management reports and indicators.


  • Reduction of administrative costs
  • Confidence and expertise in the field
  • Transparency in processes and procedures
  • Personnel outsourcing
  • High efficiency in service delivery
  • Economies of scale
  • Longer facility service life