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Property management is both an art and a science. While most companies only quantify the value of the asset on a balance sheet, we take into account factors such as the loyalty of tenants, the relationships and regular contacts with managers and users, service requests from high level tenants and new opportunities for mutual benefit and collaboration with the tenants. It has been found that such factors add value to the asset over time by reducing operating costs and improving the reputation of the property in the market.

Our commitment is to achieve the best results for your business, creating a strategic partnership with our clients and providing an unrivaled service experience.

We provide the highest level of care and maintenance of your facilities and your Human Capital in order to obtain optimum comfort and ensure the maximum productivity of your workers, facility and assets. We manage the entire work environment generating full value and synergies, while the client focuses on its core business.

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Featured Properties

La Molina Business Center

Type: Office


47,072 square metres
El Reducto Business Center

Benavides avenue, Miraflores


Type: Office


Built area: 120,000 square metres

Miracorp Building

La Paz avenue, Miraflores

Leuro Business Center


Capital Building

Type: Office


Built area: 30,145 square metres

Capital Golf Building

Type: Office

Clasification:   A+

Área construida: 36,672 m2

Platinum Plaza Building

Type: Office


LEED Certification

Built area: 45,051 square metres

Fibra WB

Dean Valdivia st, San Isidro

Pacific Tower

Type: Office


Built area: 24,800 square metres

Torre Parquemar

Larco avenue, Miraflores


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