Park Office


PARKOFFICE, a group of Chilean investors, acquired a land of 2,200 m2 located in the corners of Orquideas Avenue and Javier Prado Avenue in the district of San Isidro to develop its first major project.

They wanted to develop a Premium certified Platinum building to meet the need for these spaces in San Isidro.


We conducted a targeted direct sale to private investors, as these had the capital and the availability to purchase entire floors. This would be an advantage, because if it was sold in small offices formats, there had been a problem for the financial flow, as this would ensure the project form.


First we made ​​an appraisal of the project to define the selling price of the offices, then we research the area in order to homogenize the price in regard to the nearby buildings, which characteristics were similar and physically close.

Taking this information clear, we proceeded to begin the sale process.

After reaching suitable investors, we advise both parties in the closing process with banks, in order to get the best deals in the shortest time.


We managed to sell the entire building within the required time to several investors, Meeting our clients expectations (the seller) and on the other side, the buyer is able to sign a representation agreement to seek office tenants; receiving a product much more interesting and assuring the flow.