Knowing the shortage of properties available for Build Your Suit (leasing) nowadays in the industrial areas of Lima with the required zoning; relying on the options with this requirements was a challenge to the professionalism that characterizes us, due to the location of the property and indulging the customer's need.


Location: Located in one of the best industrial areas in south Lima, the Lurín Prairies Urbanization is a established area with urban parameters I-2 (Light Industrial)

Projects to improve existing roads in order to increase customer needs.


+Options presentation
+ Property visits
+ Meetings with the owner to define the agreements prior to closing.
+ Closing
+ Monitoring the enabling of the build to suit in a 120 days period.


Un cierre exitoso sobre una propiedad matriz de 40,000, con opciones en arrendar espacios  de 5,000 m² a mas, cuenta con grandes accesos de vías asfaltadas, a 1.5 km de la Panamericana Sur a 37 Km de la capital Lima.

A successful closing on a property of 40,000 square meters, with options of space leasing from 5,000 m². Great access to paved roads, 1.5 kilometers from the Panamericana highway. 37 km from Lima city.