Allemant & Asociados


Allemant & Associates, is a company engaged in general insurance brokerage. Contact with this company was started by a request by another company located in Qubo Building, which needed a larger office space. It was at this time in which we contact  Mr. Alfredo Allemant, owner of 1000m² in this building, who told us that he owns a house of 637m² for sale at the corner of Pezet Avenue and Salaverry Avenue.

The challenge to achieve the sale of this property was that it had a Medium Density Residential zoning which could build up to 8 floors, but our target market is aimed at Commercial zoned properties.

We had to put a price that reflects the new zoning without having it.


Under Colliers recommendation, Mr. Alfredo Allemant performed a procedure to apply for a rezoning for commercial use, which depends on a decree issued by the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, a process that takes several months.


First we conducted a market research where we proceeded to find the property prices in the area, so we talk to the house owner and set a proper price.

Having this information, we proceeded to design the marketing campaign by publishing the property on the Colliers website, constant publications on different communication media and placing a panel on the house.

After getting the right investor, we advise both parties in order to get the best deals in the shortest possible time.


We managed to sell the property to the Coney Park company at the initially set price without any discount, accomplishing  to meet customer expectations and getting a successful and interesting business.