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What elements you have to evaluate before tu lease a space in a mall?

The lease for premises in shopping centers is of great interest to people who are planning to put new business or even franchises. There are various aspects to be taken for investors wishing to enter the mall before making a decision. To start, there are several types of shopping centers, some examples: regional or community center and community center Fashion Mall is usually of medium size, has shops and supermarkets as the main anchor, predominate in small local services (Banks, dry cleaners, etc..). They are also open and most have street view or parking lot, there are very few places in the interior. While on a Fashion Mall are mostly closed, they have very few local and abroad. Department stores are the main anchors of these malls.

Using two examples can highlight some aspects. At a community center is strongly recommended to opt for a home that has a view of the parking lot. Since being a service center, the customer goes to a specific business and attend to others who have sight. Typically the interiors are for local food businesses. Instead a Fashion Mall, the approach is different. The client aims to ramble. Then recommends placed indoors because the client will walk into the square, to see that you can buy.

However the amount of investment to be located within these two types of shopping centers are different. Community centers ideally secure a space when the square is under construction and you can find best prices for rent and can choose the best locations. But as in most cases the places are already been completed and consolidated, it would have to pay a glove or a transfer to settle at a local with park view. In Fashion Mall is a common practice to pay glove so you must be prepared to pay those amounts. In both cases commonly ask for two months' rent, a deposit and sign a binding contract for a minimum of three years. Adding the glove or transfer plus refurbishment of the premises. Besides the cost of a franchise if so, it is important to assess the costs. Don't you think?

Colliers at a Glance

Revenue: $2.3 billion
Countries: 67
Offices: 502
Professionals: 16,300
Brokers: 5,700
Square Feet Managed: 1.7 billion*
Lease/Sale Transactions: 84,600
Total Transaction Value: $97 billion

All statistics are for 2014.