Roxana Feria

Roxana Feria
Consulting And Valuation Manager

Q. What drew you to Colliers International initially?
A. The opportunity to have a professional growth and increase my expertise in real estate services.

Q. Describe your typical day at Colliers International.
A. Intense. Every day is different. Normally I make my day early in the morning; I check my emails, the earrings and my schedule listing. And from here the works starts, moving forward, contacting new prospects, and already advanced the day, the administrative work. Some of the activities are follow- up the pending, look for new options, make presentations, to answer emails, etc.

Q. Where do you see Colliers International being in 3 years? How are you going to help us get there?
As the number one real estate company in Latin America. I will contribute with my hard work and knowledge. Supporting my team all the time and promoting a service excellence attitude to those who wants a professional growth.

Q. What do you do when you're not working?
Spend time with my family and participate in activities that contribute to make us growth and maintain together as a family.