Parque Logístico Panamá

Carretera Panamericana,24 de Diciembre, Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá

Parque Logistico Panama, occupies a property of approximately 46 acres, with a topography developed in earthworks at different levels, which allows proper distribution of lots at different levels to form an atmosphere of space, independence and privacy between the buildings, which are complemented by stunning landscaping and natural stormwater channels, which give a special character to the project. The development includes a large area for light industry and / or Logistics Operations, Commercial Areas, Areas for Basic Services and Special administrative office and maintenance facilities, amenities and green areas. Standard features include: Development closed-access control headroom. -Offer 30 batches of mixed use (light industrial and / or commercial). -Dimensions of lots between 6,100 m² to 23,000 m². -Two commercial lots to complement the development. -Broad roads with easements of up to 22 meters. -Modern Treatment Plant. -Communication System Underground facilities.


  • "Free Zone" special section
  • Infrastructure and Services class
  • Centralized Management and Professional Regulation joint owners
  • Impressive landscaping and amenities
  • Efficient Public Transport Service
  • Dynamic commercial area with services for businesses and workers
  • Availability of labor
  • Strategic location
  • Access Control and Security System with perimeter fencing

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