Manage all aspects of the construction and fit-out of a solemn space according to ecclesiastic requirements for the Don Bosco Relic at the Basilica de Don Bosco. The space was originally an office with very low ceiling heights, solemn space required higher ceilings and larger circulations.


  • The project was executed as a design, bid, and build to obtain best value.
  • Proposed demolition of original slab and installation of a lighter metal deck with an increase of 1m to ceiling height.
  • Completely re-modeled interior spaces to accommodate relic and required circulation spaces.


Project Management and Space Consulting

Led the design, bid and construction process, being responsible for the management of schedule, costs, risks and quality.


  • Achieved a visitor’s space for the Relic of Don Bosco that is solemn and within ecclesiastic expectations.
  • Achieved project under budget
  • Achieved project in expected times