2013 Global Investor Sentiment

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Commercial real estate investors plan for portfolio growth

How will the world’s leading property investors manage their portfolios in the coming year?

Most indicated they will expand their commercial real estate investment, expecting stable market conditions but stiffer competition among buyers, according to a proprietary survey by Colliers International.  Access to equity and a short supply of properties for sale are investors’ chief concerns, but responses—and investment strategies—vary widely.

Based on an in-depth annual survey of nearly 500 major real estate investors worldwide, the 2013 Global Investor Sentiment report reveals risk tolerance, investment challenges, acquisition plans and financial benchmarks that influence whether investors will make the decision to purchase or pass on real estate.

In this 30-page report, Colliers International provides a comprehensive global overview as well as a region-by-region breakdown based on in-depth and often surprising insights shared by top investors.

Key questions influencing investment property buyers

  • Which regions are most attractive to investors?
  • What are the most significant hurdles to increased investment?
  • Which product types are favored by investors?
  • Which regions have the most acquisition-oriented investors?
  • How will the US election affect investment plans?
  • What is the economic and property market outlook for the next six months, 12 months and five years?

Surprising answers from our global investor survey

  • Investors from two world regions have a much more favorable buying sentiment than those in other regions.
  • Investors reveal what will most strongly influence their investment decisions—including property fundamentals, taxation, economics, demographics, debt, legal, currency and more.
  • Investors in one region predominately demand an internal rate of return (IRR) of more than 20%, while two other regions’ investors are content with IRRs under 10%.
  • Investors from two world regions expect conditions to deteriorate in the next 12 months—yet, surprisingly, they still plan to increase acquisitions.

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Investors reveal their confidence, acquisition plans and key financial benchmarks in each world region.