Facebook is at it again…  They provided data from posts regarding baseball to The New York Times, who then aggregated the data and created an interactive map that represents baseball fan-dom by zip code. Most of the findings are no surprise: New Yorkers are Yankees fans, Bostonians are Red Sox fans, and folks in DFW are Rangers fans. BUT, the surprise comes when you zoom in to metro areas that have no MLB baseball team. Specifically, if you zoom to the Omaha metro area you get this visual representation:

Omahans, Yankee fans

Gray represents majority Yankees fans, blue represents a Cubs majority and red represents a Red Sox majority. I find this very surprising. Omaha is over 1,200 miles from New York and 1,400 miles from Boston.  The Cubs makes sense, but I would have thought with Kansas City just 180 miles away, there would be a majority of Royals fans in at least one zip code in the Omaha metro. Also, Minneapolis is a mere 370 miles away, and no Twins fans?

Omahans don’t need an MLB presence to get out and enjoy live sporting events. They love their baseball, and sports in general. They will take any opportunity to get out and see live sports events – even without any major professional brands. Omahans love their College World Series and enjoy getting out to see their Triple-A National Champions, the Storm Chasers. 

For the full article:

New York Times Interactive Baseball Map