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Commercial Real Estate Research and Analysis for Omaha and Around the World

Commercial real estate market insight is the essential ingredient in all of the services we offer. We monitor Omaha real estate trends and make projections to help you make critical decisions. Our researchers continuously source and analyze data in every major global market, helping you adapt to drivers outside your industry and region that could impact your business.

Omaha Commercial Real Estate Research Reports

  • 2017 | Omaha | Third Quarter | Retail

    The Omaha retail vacancy rate decreased 60 basis points from 9.0 percent in the second quarter to 8.4 percent in the third quarter. Net absorption for the quarter is a strong 216,341 square feet. After experiencing negative absorption in the first two quarters of the year, year-to-date absorption now sits at 164,570 square feet. This compares favorably to the negative 144,835 square feet of absorption one year ago.

  • 2017 | Omaha | Second Quarter | Office

    The Omaha office market experienced positive absorption for a third consecutive quarter and for five out of the last six quarters. The total absorption for the second quarter of 2017 was 50,025 square feet and moves the total for 2017 to 157,863 square feet halfway through the year. Average annual absorption over the last ten years is approximately 62,500 square feet per quarter. The positive absorption impacted the vacancy rate resulting in a decrease of 300 basis points bringing the overall vacancy to 10.9 percent, down from 11.9 percent one year ago.

  • 2017 | Omaha | First Half | Investment

    During the first half of 2017, commercial real estate investment sales totaled some $211 billion in the United States, a decrease of 8.5 percent when compared to the first half of 2016. While at first glance that appears to be a significant drop, the first half of 2017 was the third-strongest first half in the past 10 years and the fourth highest since 2001.

  • 2017 | Omaha | Second Quarter | Industrial

    The Omaha Industrial vacancy rate has been hovering around 3 percent since 2014. This quarter is no different. For the third quarter in a row, the vacancy rate stands at 3.3 percent in Omaha. New construction was occupied as quickly as it was completed with 215,500 square feet added to inventory and 211,393 square feet of absorption for the quarter. All of the square footage in newly constructed buildings were spoken for before they even hit the inventory.


We pride ourselves on building and sharing expertise in order to create success for our clients and our people. Our passion for continuously expanding our knowledge base enables us to take a fresh and imaginative approach to everything we do.

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