Colliers Lease Audit Services

Do you have trouble taming your lease expenses?

Gaining control of your real estate can sometimes feel like running a circus under the big top. When confronted with complex lease audits, it may seem easier to be a lion tamer or a daring high wire trapeze artist. Can you hear the circus music yet?

Just as the most spectacular circus requires careful planning, unparalleled precision and flawless execution – so, too, does your business. So why do so many companies simply dismiss real estate lease monitoring and tracking as a side act to their businesses? Without the proper attention to lease expirations, accounting standards and tenant improvement allowances, it’s probable that your company is unnecessarily spending money that would better support your future operational growth objectives.

  • In just the past ten years alone, companies that performed lease audits have achieved over $100 million in occupancy cost savings. 
  • To further put this into perspective, according to a Deloitte 2010 Lease Administration Benchmarking Survey, lease audits and reviews can result in cost reductions or expense recovery savings ranging from 50 cents to $2 per square foot.

Most errors in leases aren’t front and center like the elephant act; they are often hidden off stage. Costs from building maintenance, landscaping, repairs, utilities, property taxes and management services, are often passed on to a tenant. Most leases clearly detail what can and what cannot be billed to a tenant, but without carefully examining each and every lease, you may be overpaying for expenses beyond normal repairs or maintenance.

The Corporate Real Estate Team at Colliers International | Ohio tames egregious expenses. Why jump through a flaming hoop if we will do it for you? Starting with a lease audit, the team delves into your real estate holdings, abstracts your leases and compiles a schedule of critical dates, fearlessly tackling inefficiencies and wrestling with costly overcharges.

As the ringmaster at the greatest show on earth directs the audience’s attention, Colliers flawlessly navigates through tight situations. Your time is valuable and should be spent focused on your core business and operational success. Let the experts at Colliers spend the time to skillfully and expertly audit your leases and the legalese behind them. By employing best practices, we’ll ensure that you won’t miss the main event and cost savings for your business.

Corporate Real Estate Services

Lease audits and reviews can save 50 cents to $2 per square foot.

-Deloitte 2010 Lease Administration Benchmarking Survey