The Colliers team goes through an extensive process to understand a client's true needs and goals. Because of that, Colliers offers some un-traditional offerings that will give our clients the best outcome depending on their project and property. One of those un-traditional offerings that clients can take advantage of is our Auction Services group. 

The auction sale process can be very beneficial for clients looking to maximize the selling price of their property within the confines of a definitive timeline. This gives sellers more control of the sale date and the pricing - and minimizes risk. 

But why sell using the auction process?

  • Seller determines date and time of when property is sold.
  • Timely auction allows seller to reduce holding costs like taxes, insurance & maintenance.
  • Auctions create sense of urgency that forces prospective buyers into a decision.
  • Seller determine minimum price - no price negotiations.
  • Specialized and tailored marketing plan specific to seller's property.

Our commercial real estate team will assess your portfolio and determine if an auction is the best platform to sell your property. 


Colliers International intimately understands the advantages of the auction process, as well as the intricacies of this very focused discipline. Vastly different than the traditional sales model, auctioning a property takes a network and expertise that is highly specialized. Our team understands auctions and can advise if an auction is the best option for you and your real estate portfolio - whether it's land, multifamily, office, industrial or retail properties. 

We have conducted numerous auctions for owners throughout Ohio. Our skilled team of auctioneers and marketers create an aggressive, personalized plan to build buzz for your property and showcase it to all prospective buyers, building demand and return for your real estate.  

Because we have extensive expertise in both traditional sales, auctions and 1031 exchanges, our team will assess your property, your needs and your timeline to determine which method will net you the greatest return in the shortest amount of time.