KZF Design’s offices in Eden Park were 20 years old. The firm desired a new office design which showcased the firm’s skills and provided a workplace environment to support its current and future employees. KZF sought to own its office building in order to develop a sustainable and LEED certified workplace; to increase its visibility in the business community; and to control its long term occupancy costs.

KZF Design hired John Schenk and Loren DeFilippo based on their successful prior experience with similar projects and extensive knowledge of buildings for conversion to office use. The plan involved a block by block search of office and non office buildings over a 36 month period. Simultaneously, office lease opportunities were investigated as an alternative to acquiring a building.

Colliers International identified over 30 buildings for purchase and lease. Through extensive property research, evaluation and negotiation, three final alternatives were identified for KZF’s for selection. Colliers provided a wide range advisory services including: valuation of existing buildings for purchase; negotiation of office lease opportunities; impact of nearby planned development on value; economic incentive assistance, and negotiation of legal documents.

In 2010 KZF occupied their new headquarters at 700 Broadway housing over 70 employees. The building is prominently located between 7th and 8th streets, and is visible from I-71. The interior design includes extensive natural light from saw tooth skylights and large floor to ceiling windows. Energy costs are reduced by state of the art mechanical systems and a new thermal building envelope. This classic 1915 manufacturing building is LEED ® Gold Certified.