Working with the James | Bitton Retail Team saves you the time and confusion of dealing with multiple agents, landlords or consultants.

Our comprehensive database contains information on every retail listing, agent and landlord, providing exhaustive data about every opportunity that fits your requirements.

Our market knowledge provides forward-looking analysis to help you take advantage of trends, and we offer a single point of accountability for your project to connect all of the specialists available to serve you. We are committed to accelerating your success.


The James | Bitton Retail Team will develop strategic development plans to achieve your business objectives on an urban, regional or national market basis. Our comprehensive retail site selection services take the guesswork out of market location decisions.

Our professionals use their local market knowledge combined with the most technologically advanced systems to study demographics, forecast future spend, assess competitive landscapes and identify trade areas in order to develop flexible development plans.

From tracking locations, monthly obligations, rent increases or critical option or renewal dates, our  cutting-edge technology platform provides you with a clear and timely understanding of the real estate component of your business.

Once we identify target markets, our professionals will source the best locations available in those markets, including publicly available and off-market options. We will use demographics, spending forecasts, competitive analyses and trade area analyses to determine the right locations for your business within those markets.

Nowhere are time and budget constraints more critical than in retail. Colliers’ professional, certified project  managers provide leadership for your projects to achieve aggressive turnover schedules and get your doors open faster.

From conducting feasibility studies, navigating local and municipal development approvals to opening day, our proven methodology delivers—on time and on budget.