The Science and Technology Campus Corporation (SciTech) is a state-of-the-art research park located in the west campus of The Ohio State University. Created in 1998 as a not-for-profit corporation, SciTech partners with The Ohio State University, the City of Columbus and the State of Ohio in providing space and research and development opportunities for new and existing high technology companies. After a thorough search and interview process, SciTech selected Colliers International to provide management services for their buildings and tenants. Prior to our involvement, real estate services were handled by staff members in-house who had very little real estate experience and no systems, processes, policies or procedures in place. The buildings and tenants were not cared for properly and SciTech needed help with numerous, lingering construction problems.


Our strategy began with the implementation of responsive, customer service to establish confidence in the new management team. Also, our strategy involved a thorough assessment of each building, lease, service contract, financial report, and any existing issue or problem. Additionally, we interviewed every tenant and performed routine maintenance at each building to identify and resolve any problems were communicated. Preventive maintenance programs were established for the proper care and efficient operation of the buildings. Finally, policies and procedures were developed to enhance service delivery.


Through the years, the SciTech research park has grown considerably and so has our involvement. The 2010 SciTech customer satisfaction survey shows that we are indeed providing the level of service we had originally promised.

Operating budgets have been successfully managed within a nominal variance every year and we have helped SciTech through 4 leadership transitions, winning the hearts of each new leader, and sustaining the success SciTech has worked so hard for.