Two-Building Complex Saves Much Needed Funds

Two office buildings located in the high-profile Baldwin Complex were headed for receivership in Hamilton County. Colliers International was the existing property management provide for the Baldwin Complex prior to the foreclosure filing. Both borrower and lender were looking to maintain as much continuity as possible for current tenants as they pursued appointing a receiver.

Both borrower and lender agreed to retain Colliers International as the property management provider during the receivership process. Colliers proved that it was the trustworthy, correct choice to handle the receivership in order to create minimal interruption for tenants, while providing consistent top-level management services. Paul Plattner of Colliers was appointed receiver by the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas.

Colliers Real Estate Management Services team was able to handle the assignment for two existing clients while navigating successfully through the legal sensitivity of the foreclosure action. Because continuity was maintained by retaining the Colliers management team, the properties benefited from significant cost savings as the staff required for the project was shared by other neighboring properties.

Colliers REMS was able to keep the interests of both clients in mind and successfully manage one of the largest receiverships in Hamilton County history.