Single Tenant Building Transformed into Multi-Tenant Gem
Colliers office services work with United Healthcare to change leasing direction

National Credit Retailer Re-evaluates Positioning Strategy
Colliers works with Rent-A-Center to evaluate existing and potential locations

Global Corporation Looks to Evaluate Real Estate Options
Mettler-Toledo and Colliers team up to negotiate savings

Build-to-Suit Success
Wellington Orthopaedic streamlines operations

Real Estate Management Team Creates Solutions for SciTech
Colliers combats budgets and customer response time

Red Bank Medical Office Corridor Rebrand
Colliers establishes a go-to location for medical office buildings

18% Occupancy Rate to 98% Occupancy Rate
Colliers rebrands and renovates building to attract tenants

Two-Building Complex Saves Much Needed Funds
Colliers provides services for two clients expertly