18% Occupancy Rate to 100% Occupancy Rate


One Mill Run, formerly named the Gates McDonald Building, was acquired by Talcott Realty Investors, LLC in 2005. That year the building's major tenant, Gates McDonald & Co., moved their operations to downtown Columbus leaving the building with an 18% occupancy rate.


Rebranding the building away from Gates McDonald was the first step necessary. Second, the building was very dated and needed a significant amount of renovations to make it more modern and attract desirable tenants.


Colliers International focused their leasing and property management expertise at 3455 Mill Run Drive, first by rebranding the building as One Mill Run to pull away from the Gates McDonald past. The leasing team, led by Andrew Jameson, targeted existing tenants and potential tenants highlighting the large space available. They also fostered a close relationship with David Meeks, Hilliard's economic development director, to ensure any potential large or small tenants were offered the best tax incentives to relocate to Hilliard as possible.

Property Manager Amanda Abraham spearheaded a renovation project working with the owner and architecture firm Carney Ranker. over $300,000 was spent towards demolishing the old cafeteria, adding a common conference room and vending area, renovating the lobby and bathrooms, as well as creating a showcase floor to attract tenants.


Following the rebranding campaign, Colliers International delivered results almost immediately. Once the ball was rolling, it never stopped.

Single-Tenant Building Transformed into Multi-Tenant Gem


9200 Worthington Road was developed as a single-tenant building for United Healthcare in 1998. The building provided many features for the tenant including an on-site café, workout facility, basketball court and four conference rooms.  As the space needs for United Healthcare changed, empty space remained and the building needed to move to a multi-tenant approach.

When space was initially vacated by United Healthcare, suites were sublet to several tenants. Colliers International worked to switch these sublease tenants to direct leases. During this process it was important to alter the building to fit the needs of multiple tenants especially in the common areas.  The plan was to renovate the entry of the building so the lobby would welcome clients for all the tenants, and use the remaining space for four common area conference rooms.

The leasing team, led by Andrew Jameson, focused on changing the sublease tenants to direct lease tenants. Part of this conversion included the building entry renovations. This project was spearheaded by property manager, Aaron Dorsch.

Colliers International was able to successfully move 3 of 4 sublease tenants to direct space. The property management team worked to redevelop the entry way of the building and lobby to fit the needs of multiple tenants. The building has been rebranded as a multi-tenant location and continues to attract the interest of businesses looking for a prime location in the Polaris/Westerville submarket.