Below is a small sampling of clients we have recently assisted in the Greater Columbus Area:


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"I want to personally thank you for going above and beyond during each step of the process. You confidently and effectively navigate an extremely complex transaction that ultimately achieved our goals." - Will Lamey, Red Capital Group

"We enjoy the personal relationships that develop over time working together on an asset assignment, and this, combined with the professional aspect, makes us look forward to crossing paths in the future!" - John Reynolds, Senior Vice President, Talcott Corporation

"Andy did an excellent job in managing the goals and objectives of all groups involved in the Health4 consolidation. His hard work, diligence and attention to detail was very much a key component to the successful completion of this project. His knowledge of the market, negotiation skills and dedication throughout the entire process was invaluable. It was a pleasure working with Andy on this important initiative." - Kristy Daniel, System Director of Real Estate Transactions & Development, OhioHealth Corporation


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