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Alan Desino - New York City

Alan is considered the Bruce Wayne of our team.  Most people know him as the high-profile real estate executive, but few have seen the clever work he does behind the scenes.  As a Harvard Business School Graduate and a licensed CPA, Alan has an extremely sharp understanding for the analytical side of the transaction.  He is also highly regarded for the designing of creative operating strategies that support his clients’ specific business platforms.  When he isn’t working long hard hours in the office, Alan usually can be found riding his motorcycle or skiing in the mountains of Vermont with his family.

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Dave Ervolina - New York City

Co-Founder Dave Ervolina is originally from the frozen tundra of Buffalo, NY which explains his blue-collar work ethic and general passion to succeed.  His current abode in the Financial District forces him to familiarize himself with the whole island of Manhattan on a regular basis.  With tech/media companies now settling in previously “forbidden” neighborhoods, Dave prides himself in knowing the ins and outs of each submarket and why it may work best for each particular tenant.  When he is not pushing the buttons of his keyboard by day, you may find Dave pushing the buttons of his DJ equipment in the NY club scene as he is an avid digital dance music DJ/Producer.

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Kellam Nelson - San Francisco

Kellam Nelson was born and raised in the Bay Area and now proudly calls himself a resident of San Francisco. Prior to his career in commercial real estate, Kellam received dual degrees in Economics and Business Administration at the University of Oregon in Eugene, which provided a balanced set of technical business skills and theoretical understanding. When he wasn’t in school, Kellam was on the rugby pitch where he contributed as a starting center for the intercollegiate Rugby Ducks. Today, he enjoys exploring all that San Francisco has to offer, training at a local mixed martial arts studio, and providing office tenants with unparalleled real estate services.

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